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Pyinkado is a hard and extremely strong timber possessing high strength properties.Very durable and resistant to termite attack, but not entirely immune from it. It is also resistant to marien borers. The heartwood is extremely resistant to preservative treatment and sapwood is moderately resistant.


Botanical Name: Xylia Dolabriformis

Trade Name: Pyinkado (Burma)

Irul (India)

Sakram (Cambodia)

Cam Xe (Vietnam)

Moisture Content : 10.3%

Bending Strength : 142 N/mm²

Mod. of Elasticity : 17457 N/mm²

Hardness (Radial) : 983Kg

Impact Max. Drop : 1270mm

Compression : 79.6 N/mm²

Specific Gravity (Green) : 0.779



Pyinkado Tree

Found in upper and lower deciduous forest.